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Introduction to Psychology


Human brain is the most fascinating organ of the body. A popular belief about using only 10% of the brain in the entire life time has been common. Further to add to the belief, most often the exemplary citation of Albert Einstein is made who is thought to be the only personality who used more than 10% of the brain. However there is no scientific evidence to back up the fact. Brain stimulation strategies and methods to enhance memory retention capacity are being researched on a global aspect. Cognitive stimulation training has been found to be effective in improving the cognitive behavioral skills of individuals (Kelly et al., 2014). Further, research studies have also proven that administration of cognitive stimulation has helped in improving the functional ability of the elderly people to manage activities of daily living (Kelly et al., 2014). Cognitive stimulation therapy makes use of non-pharmacological interventions to enhance the ability of the brain to carry out mundane tasks and manage daily living. A study was conducted to note the efficacy of cognitive stimulation in a set of patients affected with dementia with the use of 3R-CS treatment (Spagnolo et al., 2015). Interesting, the results showed an increased cognitive adaptability. Also, empathy resonance training has been reported to be an effective strategy to improve brain plasticity (Spagnolo et al., 2015). Therefore, to conclude it can be said that there is a lot of ongoing research to develop strategies for brain stimulation and improvement of brain retention power. I would personally develop skills to enhance my memory by creating mnemonics to learn complex ideas. At the same time would engage in brain stimulating activities such as finding solution to riddles or solving crossword puzzles on daily basis.

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