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Ageism And Its Negative Effects On Older


Ageism refers to the matters that are related to the stereotyping as well as the discrimination of the individuals who have been living in the given society based on their ages. The discrimination or the stereotyping of the individuals is generally either systematic or casual. The term ageism was initially coined by the eminent psychiatrist, Robert Neil Butler in the year 1969 (Bergman & Bodner, 2015). The term was used in order to describe the discrimination that was based on the senior population of the concerned area. The term also aimed at the distinction of the aged people on the grounds of racism and sexism. The following paper aims to discuss the negative effects of ageism on the concerned people in discussion, the elderly population of the country.


The concept of ageism as discussed by the eminent psychiatrist, Robert Neil Butler attempts a discrimination of the older citizens of the country on the basis of the age of the concerned person, the process of aging among the older population and the other factors that accompany the old age of the concerned employees. The concept of ageism also discusses the various discriminatory practices that are generally implemented on the older generation who have been residing within the country (Gamliel & Levi-Belz, 2016). The ageism also refers to the various policies and rules that are followed by the concerned organizations in relation to the older population of the country. The term ageism is also found to be implemented for the children as well as the adolescents. The ageism in case of the children and the adolescent population of a given area refers to the denial of certain rights to the concerned population. The ageism in case of the children further includes the ignorance of the behavioral traits of the concerned person due to their age (Minichiello, Browne & Kendig, 2000). However, the term as well as the concept of the ageism is majorly recognized for the aged people of the country. The older generation within the country is known to have been more ageist in their outlook towards life. The major reasons of this behavior might be attributed to the fears of death as well as the fear of being heavily dependent on the people around them (Bergman & Bodner, 2015). The ageism within the older generation might be coped up through the avoidance by the surrounding people, the segregation of the older generation as well as the rejection that is faced by the aged population of the area in discussion. The ageism mechanisms might also be covert as well as passive in nature.

The negative impacts of the ageism on the elderly in the society refers to the dreadful stage within the life of the older person. The old people within the society are known to have been suffering from the various types of fears like the fear of being isolated from the younger sections of the society. The older generation face huge problems within the society regarding their ability to access the various facilities within the society (Gamliel & Levi-Belz, 2016). The concerned section of the society is known to have been facing a number of different issues in the matters that are related to the facilities of housing, the low-levels of the income, the measures of the forced incomes of the aged population as well as the facilities that are related to the transport within the chosen area.

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