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Data Mart Vs. Data Warehouse


Data mart is defined as a subject of the data warehouse. It is also known as a storehouse that is meant to serve certain community as well as to meet the needs of a certain group of users. On the other hand, Data warehousing is defined as a big central storing place for all the companies’ data. The data kept in this repository is usually historical and stored from a historical point of view ((Malhotra, 2015).Unlike data mart, data warehouse is a collection that is separate from the operational systems. The data in this place is used for decision-making purposes.

Application Of A Data Warehousing.

Data warehouse is used in organizations to make quick decision. This enhances the operational efficiency of the organization. Secondly, through the use of data warehouse, organizations will avoid challenges that they may have faced in the past. Data warehouse provides a quick solution based on the history of the company due to this, the organization will have less trouble making certain decision ((Jukic & Vrbsky, 2016). this application is justified because it saves the organization’s time. Finally, Data warehousing is also used in data integration. This is important because a fast decision can be arrived at and members of other departments can get it in a very short time.

Application Of Data Mart

Data marts are applied in creating static copy of a few fact tables. This table is extracted from the main data warehouse when needed. Data marts are used to create data mining model. This makes data marts more important because it reduces the amount of workload that may be experienced in the data warehouse. Data marts are used when the database manager wants to ease the query in the warehouses. With a single data marts, one is able to query one particular table

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